It’s been a while since I posted anything new, but with the new year I want to get back to passing on some information that hopefully will be of interest to some of our Harley riders.
This time I want to talk about the clutch on your Harley. So anyone who has done any touring, or big bike event’s (Daytona. Sturgis, etc.) will surly know that at some point you war going to be caught up in some slow moving or stop and crawl traffic. An hour of on and off the clutch will start to cramp anyone’s left hand. In and out of 1st gear not only takes a toll on you hand, but your clutch as well. Another problem is slow speed me maneuvering, parking lots, bike events tight turns and one slip and you stall and hopefully catch your ride before it hits the asphalt and destroys  expensive paint and parts. So what  can you do, well this is where Rekluse comes in. The Rekluse clutch allows you to come to a complete stop in 1st or 2nd gear without pulling in the clutch, yes, you are in gear, standing still, and you cannot stall the bike. This thing works, I had one installed in my wife’s Tri Glide in January of 2017, and she has logged over 12K miles without a single problem. Not only can you stop and go without pulling in a clutch, and torque is increased as well as convenience. Understand that you still shift gears, using your clutch, and there is NO difference if the feel over a stock clutch, but it’s when you are going slow that this clutch earns it’s stripes. I can defiantly endorse this product, I know it works.
Check out their website and give them a call with specific questions, they are very user friendly and will answer any questions.
Hope this is helpful, don’t hesitate to give me a call at hwy. 191 Motorsports