If you are a Harley or Indian rider you probably know the meaning of the word HEAT…..it’s what happens when you’ve been crawling in stop and go traffic for the better part of an hour. Heat is what kills your engine, it reduces your oil’s viscosity and causes expansion and contraction of metal, in particular your cylinder heads. Over time this can cause warping and eventually you will need to rebuild the top end of your baby. So without liquid cooling of the entire engine what can you do to eliminate the damage. Enter Hammerhead engineering and their signature product “Love Jugs”, and as they say, who doesn’t love jugs….. Well, these little dynamos put out an unbelievable amount of air, at 252 CFM they put out more than twice of their closest competition. They are affordable and can be installed in about an hour or so at home with the very detailed instructions that are included. They are available in several different finishes and styles to suit any application.  They are 100% water proof, and while they are also vibration resistant either a frame mount kit or vibration master are highly recommended.

Go to their web site love-jugs.com and spend some time watching videos and reading dozens of articles and testimonials. I installed mine over a year ago on my Road Glide and when my wife got her Tri-Glide this was the first thing I installed on her bike.